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My Favorite Day of the Week

Welcome to Friday. I like this day quite a bit. It isn’t my favorite day of the week, however. That honor actually belongs to Sunday.

I know what you’re thinking, why Sunday? Well, Sunday is pretty much the only day I ever sleep in because I don’t really have to do anything. Saturday (and every other day) is always full of plans, work and the like.

Plus, I really like breakfast food and there’s a whole industry devoted to it specifically on Sunday called “Sunday Brunch.” So, Sunday is my favorite day.

Actually, my ideal Sunday goes a bit like this. I sleep late (which for me these days is at least 9AM). Then, I roll outta bed, get ready and head to a favorite brunch spot near the beach. After a nice spot of breakfast I take a nice, long walk by the shore while avoiding any short piers. Pretty simple really.

And yes, I just said I like long walks on the beach. I’m fine with that. It’s a great way to burn a few calories (and get more steps on my FitBit) while also getting some fresh air and taking in some beautiful scenery (including a few bikinis to be sure). In fact, it’s so great, why don’t you like doing it?

For those few hours I’m able to forget (almost) the troubles of the week, running a business, all the deadlines I have coming up and pretty much everything else except having a bit of fun. It’s the next best thing to a vacation and can be done right here in river city.

Give it a try sometime. I’ll bet you end up having a great time too.

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