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Happy Friday No. 2221 with Added Debate Spin and Harry Hamlin!

I would like to take this moment and wish each and every one of you a happy Friday. I’m having a pretty good day so far. I’ve continued my workouts and went to the gym at 7AM. It didn’t hurt that much. Don’t tell my trainer.

I’ve also started to get in touch with some old friends and colleagues to get the ball rolling faster on my triumphant return to the business of show. So that’s cool.  So far, people have been very nice and encouraging about the idea.

With all the unemployment these days, they probably, genuinely do wish me well. At least I like to think so.  As for the debate last night between Mr. Biden and Mr. Ryan, I’ve really got nothing insightful to say. I already know who I’m voting for (shocker, it’s the incumbent) so the VP debate, and the P debates, are pretty much wasted on me.

Still, it did seem that Mr. Ryan was kinda uncomfortable and that Mr. Biden was sorta a dick. In truth, I don’t really care for the kind of debate where the participants try to shout over each other to make a point. I know that’s the style of discourse that’s popular on TV these days (thanks a pantload Fox News), but that doesn’t mean I have to like it . . . or watch it.

I spent about ten minutes watching Mr. Biden and Mr. Ryan then I turned the channel and watched some movies, including such classics as New Jack City and the very first movie I ever got paid to work on, Save Me, starring Harry Hamlin (that’s him with his mouth open above), Lysette Anthony and Michael Ironside. I was the Key Set PA on that show, a position much like how Anthony Michael Hall’s character describes himself in Sixteen Candles: “King of the Dipshits.”

Still, I didn’t care at the time. I was working on a movie set and getting paid for it (not much, but still). The truth is, I loved every damn minute of it.

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