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So, We Found A House


Yes, that’s right. After much searching, in the practical sense and otherwise, we seem to have found a house we want to live in. More details on it will be forthcoming, but no, it doesn’t look like this. If only.

Instead, we found a different kind of house we like, sans moat, and we are now going through that extremely fun process known as “putting the deal together.” That was sarcasm, in case you can’t recognize it.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’m going to enjoy this part very much. It all seems needlessly complicated and full of a lot of nonsense and endless paperwork. I blame the lawyers — and human nature.

I’m pretty sure almost every one of these pieces of paper was created because in the past someone tried to screw someone else and a lawyer stepped in to draft a document which is supposed to prevent it from happening again. Thus, we have a bunch of hoops to jump through and a metric crapload of paperwork to sign. Good times.

Well, thanks a lot. I blame all of you. Well, maybe not you. Or you. You’re alright, I guess.

But the rest of you are now officially on my list. Don’t expect a card next Christmas.

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