Here’s the LEGO ‘Walking Dead’ Season Five Trailer


Due to “circumstances” I need to keep this brief. So, here’s the trailer for Season Five of The Walking Dead made with LEGO, thanks to the efforts of Kristo499.

I like it. Perhaps the actual show should be LEGO all the time? Might be an improvement.

Oh, here’s the “real” trailer for Season Five featuring humans. Which is better? You decide.

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4 Responses to Here’s the LEGO ‘Walking Dead’ Season Five Trailer

  1. watch32hd says:

    There are moments of creepy elegance and elegiac morbidity in The Walking Dead that no show on TV can match.

  2. pocacinema says:

    The Walking Dead is finally coming to life, and it’s about time.

  3. popoca says:

    This is way too well-made a series to be dubbed a “guilty pleasure,” even if a sizable percentage of the audience may watch purely for the visceral thrills of all that weekly bloodletting.

  4. zumvo says:

    What keeps me watching is that while I know there’s a portion of the audience that gets off on the carnage, the show is still about people who are at least conscious of what all this violence, however necessary it might be, is doing to their own humanity.

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