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‘The Wolf of Bedford Falls’

I was having a discussion recently with some pals on Facebook in which we postulated what elements a sequel to Frank Capra’s classic film It’s a Wonderful Life would contain. The possibility of a sequel was in the news recently … Continue reading

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Sunday Old School with ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

I’ve been thinking a lot about Raiders of the Lost Ark lately, so I decided to watch it for what must be at least the thirtieth time. I will assume (dangerous, I realize) that most of you have seen it. … Continue reading

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Sunday Old School With ‘Jason and the Argonauts’

Today is Sunday. Check the calendar if you don’t believe me. Okay? We good? Maybe take a guy’s word for it next time, huh? Anyway, as I often do on Sundays (at least until Project M “officially” begins), I’m watching … Continue reading

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Phoebe Cates Is Number One

How I didn’t see this before I’ll never know, but apparently the site Mr. Skin rated the all-time best nude scenes in movies and one of my favorite actresses of all time was number one. I’m talking about, of course, … Continue reading

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