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This Supergirl Fan Film Is Worth a Look

It’s become somewhat of a tradition around here. That is to say I like to bring interesting videos I find out there on the Interwebs to your attention. Frequently. Well, as frequently as I can now that I’m also Mr. … Continue reading

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Video Friday: ‘The Daly Show: The Daly Superheroes’ with Guests Nathan Fillion and Michael Rosenbaum

With all the content being produced these days it’s pretty much impossible to see it all. In fact, I’m lucky if I get to spend an hour or so a day looking for new things to watch let alone watching … Continue reading

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Couple Things

Happy Friday. I hope you have some great plans for the weekend. I don’t really but that’s okay, I’m going to Vegas next week for several days so that should be relaxing enough. We will be staying at a hotel … Continue reading

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The Importance of Doing Nothing

Unless you use a different calendar than I do (which is possible, I guess) you know today is Sunday. This day is also known as my favorite day of the week. You know this if you read my earlier post … Continue reading

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Video Friday – Sunday Edition: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Here is is, one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. The origin of one of the comic book world’s most loved characters: the mighty Wolverine. I can’t wait to see this movie and now, you don’t have to. … Continue reading

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Megan Fox – ‘Star Wars’ Nerd

So, it appears my blog has turned into one run by a fifteen-year old boy who likes to look at pretty girls. Ah well, who can blame me really? Especially when the girl in question is Megan Fox and she’s … Continue reading

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Chicago is a Great Town

Or at least I think it is. Sadly, I’ve been here since Thursday afternoon (late) and I’ve only seen the hotel I’m staying at and the convention center I’m across the street from. Sure, that might not seem like a … Continue reading

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Excuses are like. . . And new photos too.

Obviously, I have some sort of issue with deadlines. For whatever reason I don’t seem capable of making them. For example, here it is Wednesday and I didn’t post anything for “Photo Tuesday” yesterday. How can I expect people to … Continue reading

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I realize I missed this week’s ‘Photo Tuesday’ but I have a good excuse for it. Unfortunately, I can’t say what it was because its a secret — at least for now. Let’s just say I spent some time on … Continue reading

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Writing Stuff

I don’t know about you, but many times when I’m writing a story, a script or something else that calls for a particular character to have a name (which happens frequently — characters need names after all), I sometimes get … Continue reading

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Quick Links for the Day and Tuesday Photos

Yes, I’ve been busy contributing and making the Internets a better place with my work. You want examples you say? Well, come close and take a look at these: My latest BSG Weekly article and also my article about the … Continue reading

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Photo Tuesday with Princess Leia, Selma Blair, Milo Ventimiglia and More!

Here’s some photos for ‘Photo Tuesday’ from the recent New York Comic Con. These were taken by my pal Tony Mark at the show and feature some people you may know and characters you may recognize. Enjoy. Milo Ventimiglia from … Continue reading

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