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Portland – The New Hollywood?

I recently did a piece for CBR about Portland, its creativity and its thriving comic book scene. I found Portland to be inspirational for many reasons, chief of which is the fact that it just feels like a great place … Continue reading

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Trying Something New

As people who know me well can attest, I’m pretty much the kind of person who likes to do the same things pretty much all of the time. I like to eat at the same restaurants, go to the same … Continue reading

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News and where to get it plus Mel Gibson

as we all know, the middle east seems to be imploding by the minute. we can’t seem to get a handle on iraq and now isreal and pretty much anyone else are trying to kill each other. so, if you … Continue reading

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me, myself and i

yes, its all about me, me and again, me. i am now working on a couple of super secret projects that only a few key people know about. two are for one major electronics giant and the other is for … Continue reading

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RIP Richard

Dead at 65.

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No broadcast flag and the intel macintosh

just an update. the broadcast flag was not attached to an appropriations bill. over at the eff they are pretty happy about the rise of citizen activism that helped the cause. the eff’s new activism coordinator, Danny O’Brien, sees this … Continue reading

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